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Shopping Guide

Shopping Bag
ㆍYou can change product quantity, shipping location and delivery agency in the bag.
ㆍIf the product in the bag goes out of stock or cannot be delivered to your shipping location, it will be excluded from the order.
ㆍSee the promotional Special Gift or select various prizes for different purchase amounts.

Promo Code
ㆍEnter promotion codes for discounts, prizes, and other benefits.
ㆍFor each order, 1 discount, 1 prize, and 1 free shipping promotion code may be used.
ㆍNo more than 1 promotion code providing the same benefit may be used (example: customers cannot use 10% discount code with 5% discount code).
ㆍClick on “Check your coupon” button after logging into see your available promotion codes.
ㆍYou may order after logging in.
ㆍFive orders per day may be made per account. The maximum purchase amount per order is 2 million Korean won.
ㆍIf shipping to Japan, a total of 24 products including prizes may be purchased per order. If shipping to other countries, there is no purchase quantity restriction.
ㆍThe maximum purchase quantity for each product is other 10 or 24, depending on the brand.

[Premium Brands]

- Sulwhasoo, Hera, Primera, Amore Pacific, Vitalbeautie
- Customers may purchase up to 10 items per product.

[Lifestyle Brands]

- Ryo, Mis-en-scène, Happty Bath, Illiyoon, Fresh Pop, Plesia, Median, lifestyle product gift set
- Customers may purchase up to 24 items per product.

For other brands, customers may purchase up to 24 items per product.
ㆍDiscounts are limited to 1 million Korean won/month and 3 million Korean won/year.
Duties & Taxes
ㆍAll costs occurred during the Clearance process including import customs, needs to be paid by the customer.
ㆍThe tax rate applied depends on your ship-to destination. These charges are separate from shipping charges and you will be billed directly.
ㆍPayment methods differ by country.
- Credit card (global): VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB
- PayPal (global)
- Convenience store (Japan)