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Blank Lip Tint
Korean Beauty YouTuber Cho Hyo-jin’s
Favorite Item
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NOVEMBER 13 to 22, 2019
* Items are limited in quantity. So it will end when sold out.
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* This promotion is based on Korea Standard Time (GMT + 9).

Blank Lip Tint highly praised
by Korean Beauty YouTuber,
Jo Hyo-jin

One of the reasons I like a velvety texture is
because I have a lot of flakes on my lips.
But, unlike liquid lip products, the ones
with the
velvety texture do not make my
flaky lips
stand out or dry.
It glides on smoothly and lightly to.

You can simply use your finger to apply the
velvety textured lip products to
your lips or
make gradient lips too.

One of the good things about Blank is
that it's the best product I've used
these days in terms of application.


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