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Stamp Promotion

APMALL Stamp Event

Collect stamps and
Get special discounts!

If you collect the stamps buy clicking the logo,
you will get various coupons!


2020.02.01 ~ 2020.02.29

Log in Stamp

The more often you log in,
the more benefits you get!

Get promo code according to the number of logins!
Look for surprise promo code, too!

Purchase Stamp

You will receive greater benefits
if you make a purchase!
Don’t miss it!

Customers who purchase 1 or 3 times
during the event period will receive promo code.


  • ㆍHow to participate: If you log in or make a purchase, click the stamps at the promotion page.
  • ㆍEvent period: 2020.02.01 ~ 2020.02.29
  • ㆍYou can only participate in the Stamp Promotion after signing up and logging in, and non-members can not participate.
  • ㆍYou can participate in the Login Stamp Event once per day per ID during the event period.
  • ㆍYou will automatically participate in the Purchase Stamp Event when you make a purchase and the product is shipped to you. Coupons will be issued according to the number of stamps collected.
  • ㆍThe condition for getting coupon may be subject to change every month, and you may check the coupon code in your cart and checkout page.
  • ㆍThe contents of promotion may be subject to change without prior notice due to circumstances of our company. Coupons may not apply to some products.
  • ㆍStamp promotion is based on Korea Standard Time (GMT + 9).